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1.    What word in the first line describes the anteater?

2.    Why do you think the poet chose this word to describe him?

3.    Who is dad talking to in this poem?

4.    Explain the play on words that make this poem funny.

Mari-Lou’s Ride

1.    What happened to Mari-Lou in the first verse?

2.    Re-read the second verse and describe Mari-Lou’s feelings.

3.    How was Mari-Lou’s mother feeling in the third verse?

4.    Describe what takes place in the last verse.

5.    *If the swing is a metaphor for life, then what could the ropes snapping represent?


1.    Why did the boy think his father gave him a dollar?

2.    What did he do with his dollar?

3.    Why does the boy keep trading what he has?

4.    Is the father really too proud of his son to speak?  How does dad really feel?

5.    *Look at the numbers in this poem.  How are they significant; how does the poet use the numbers?